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Castrol Announces Expanded Partnership with Telko Denmark to Streamline Product Distribution

May 17, 2024 | Telko Ltd

Castrol, a worldwide leading provider of lubricants and oils, is excited to announce that Telko Denmark, part of the Telko Group, is not only continuing as the exclusive partner for Industrial products but has also been appointed as a new partner for Automotive products in Denmark. This strategic partnership streamlines and enhances the distribution of Castrol’s comprehensive range of products across the automotive, industrial, marine, and energy sectors within the Danish market.


Telko Denmark’s role as a centralized provider will ensure that customers can easily obtain Castrol’s complete lineup of advanced lubricants, greases, coolants, and other fluids, eliminating the complexity of coordinating with multiple distributors. This unified approach will leverage Telko Denmark's expertise in customer service and management, fostering improvements in online product accessibility, quicker order processing, and delivery, along with collaborative marketing efforts to boost brand visibility.


Powerful partnership since 1958 


Telko is a leading company in lubricant services and has been an ambassador for Castrol in the industry, automotive, marine, and energy industry in the Nordic and Baltic Countries since 1958. Their collaboration has resulted in a strong partnership over time. The last five years have shown that Telko Lubricants have successfully expanded its activities in the Nordic and Baltic countries, as well as in France and Benelux, in accordance with the Telko strategy.


Mathieu Boulandet, Vice President Industrial Castrol Europe, says: “We are excited to see Telko Denmark deploying its high-level industrial skills to grow Castrol presence in Denmark. Our joint offers are designed to help industrial corporation reach their goals in terms of manufacturing efficiency, transformation and sustainability."


Per Rosenberg, Vice President of Telko Group, added: "Our joint approach together with Castrol has always been based on creating value to our customers by enabling them to reach their goals. Now we're developing further in Denmark and fully utilizing our Telko Lubricants capabilities and skilled local teams. We look forward to growing together and providing the best service and support to customers."


Focus on premium quality and top-notch customer service   


The Castrol brand stands for premium quality and innovative products, and Telko Denmark will do its best to incorporate these values in collaboration with customers and as a partner with Castrol. The companies will work together to improve the technical, financial, and environmental performance of machines for their customers.


Castrol and Telko are committed to fostering excellence in customer orientation, market knowledge, and project implementation through a team of professionals, ensuring customers consistently receive superior services and products. Rooted in a shared dedication to customer-centricity, this collaborative venture aims to enhance their understanding of customer needs and deliver targeted solutions for customers that enhance operational efficiency and longevity for enhanced overall success.

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