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Castrol Selects Telko as new Industrial Lubricants Distributor for Poland

May 29, 2024 | Telko Ltd

Castrol, a leading global supplier of lubricants, proudly announces a new partnership with Telko Poland, part of the Telko Group, as their country partner for industrial lubricants, fluids, and greases in Poland. This strategic collaboration aims to optimize the distribution of Castrol products in Poland while significantly enhancing industrial customer support and service.


The partnership with Telko Poland will improve customer access to Castrol's full range of advanced industrial lubricants, greases, and metalworking fluids. By leveraging Telko’s deep expertise in customer management and support, the collaboration will enhance online product information, expedite order fulfillment, and ensure timely delivery.


Enhanced Customer Support and Expertise


Telko is recognized for its robust customer support and technical expertise. With this partnership, customers will benefit from dedicated support teams, tailored technical advice, and comprehensive training programs designed to maximize the efficiency and longevity of their machinery. Telko’s extensive knowledge and experience in the industrial lubricant sector will provide customers with unparalleled service and expert guidance.


Telko, a leading lubricant service company, has been an ambassador for Castrol's industrial, automotive, marine, and energy segments in the Nordic and Baltic countries since 1958. This long-standing partnership has proven successful and robust over the decades.


Telko will become part of the existing distributor network in Poland. This will enhance the network, ensuring that customers continue to receive high-quality products and service.


Mathieu Boulandet, Vice-President Industrial Lubricants Europe, commented, “We are delighted to extend our strong partnership with Telko to Poland. By joining forces, we aim to increase the value proposition to industrial customers in Poland, giving them access to Castrol's high-quality products and offers with exceptional customer care and services provided by Telko Poland. Our combined expertise will ensure that industrial customers in Poland receive best-in-class support, advice, and products to enhance efficiency, durability, and performance of their industrial and manufacturing equipment.”


Per Rosenberg, Vice President, Telko Lubricants, added, "We are thrilled to bring Telko's expertise and Castrol’s high-performance lubricants and metalworking fluids to the Polish market. This expansion is a testament to our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the industrial sector across Europe. Poland represents a dynamic and growing market with a strong industrial base, and we are confident that our advanced lubrication solutions and application knowledge will offer significant value to Polish industries. We are proud of our partnership with Castrol, a global leader in lubrication technology, and this is another step forward in our collaboration. We look forward to building strong relationships with Polish businesses and contributing to their operational efficiency and success."


Commitment to Premium Quality and Superior Service   


Castrol's commitment to premium quality and innovative products will be realized through Telko Poland’s cooperation with customers. The shared goal is to enhance the technical, financial, and environmental performance of machinery, ensuring long-term customer success. Both Castrol and Telko are dedicated to promoting excellence in customer focus, market knowledge, and project implementation by a team of skilled professionals. This partnership ensures customers consistently receive the best service and products.


Poland, one of Europe's most important economic centers, presents significant potential for both Telko and Castrol. This collaboration will enable both companies to strengthen their market positions and increase market shares, driving growth and success in the region.

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