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Telko strengthens its position in the Nordic lubricants market

November 23, 2023 | Per Rosenberg


Telko being the Ambassador Distributor for Castrol Industrial in Denmark, is now expanding the Castrol partnership to include also the Castrol Automotive cooperation in Denmark.


Telko is a leading lubricants service company providing distribution in the Nordic and Baltic countries. In these countries, Telko is Castrol Ambassador Distributor for Industrial, Automotive, Marine and Energy sectors. Telko and Castrol have a long and well-established cooperation in the market since 1958. Last five years Telko Lubricants segment has expanded its operations in the Nordic and Baltic countries according to Telko strategy.


Complete Castrol product range offering in the whole market area


After this expansion, Telko can now offer the complete Castrol product range for Automotive, Industrial and Marine businesses in the Nordic and Baltic countries.


Local sales and customer service teams will ensure good service and support also in the future. Telko local sales teams and Telko Automotive Scandinavia team, in close cooperation with Castrol direct team, make sure that we will have good interaction and good service for our customers.


Business Lines of Telko Lubricants Segment


Telko operates in three business segments: Lubricants, Chemicals and Plastics. Our business model reflects principal and customer needs instead of pure geography. We have an international business model with a strong local presence and cooperation in given territory.


In Lubricants segment, we have the following business lines:

  • Automotive Scandinavia
  • Automotive Finland, Baltics
  • Industrial Finland, Baltics, Scandinavia
  • Marine International

Business lines are committed to work closely with customers and Castrol as partners. We seek for excellence in customer focus, market knowledge and project implementation by team of professionals dedicated to serve local customers.


For more information, please contact:


Jens Edman, Business Line Director, Telko Automotive Scandinavia

+46 70 37122 26,


Morten Nedergaard, Sales Director, Telko Industrial Denmark

+46 40 28 49 11,


Per Rosenberg, Vice President, Telko Lubricants

+46 70 6295991,


We thank all our partners for your co-operation and we look forward to work together to improve the performance of lubricants.


Per Rosenberg

Per Rosenberg

VP Lubricants. Per Rosenberg is responsible for Telko's Lubricants segment. His background is in mechanical engineering and marketing, with over 30 years of experience in directing both sales and marketing for Telko.

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