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Telko expands to Chinese market

December 27, 2011 | Laura Seppälä

Telko, a distributor of industrial chemicals and plastics, has launched business operations in China. Telko is part of Aspo Group. The expansion to the Chinese market supports the growth strategy of Telko. Telko’s Chinese subsidiary is based in Shanghai.

Telko has established a subsidiary in China (Telko Shanghai Ltd) to be able to provide more extensive and comprehensive services for the existing client base.

“Many of our Northern European clients have relocated their production to China. At the first stage, we will increase our business in China along with these existing accounts. In future, we also intend to expand the client base to include other companies operating in China,” says Kalle Kettunen CEO of Telko.

Since the client base already exists, Kettunen assesses that the operations of the Chinese subsidiary will be profitable in quite a short period of time.

“Establishing a subsidiary in China is an important strategic step for Telko. We primarily serve Telko’s existing European customers, and along with the growth, we also intend to acquire new European OEM clients. Initially, the operations will only concern the plastics business, and the office will also serve Telko’s procurement business in China and Asia,” says Kettunen.

Timo Laurila has been appointed as the CEO of Telko Shanghai Ltd.

A subsidiary in Minsk, Belarus

Telko also recently established a subsidiary in Belarus. The office is located in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Telko has previously operated in Belarus through a commercial agency.

“The strategy of Telko is to continue the strong growth in Belarus. The growth is promoted by changing the commercial agency to a subsidiary, because it is easier to run a local company,” says Kettunen.

In addition to China and Belarus, Telko has its own local offices in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

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Kalle Kettunen, CEO, Telko, phone +358 9 5211,

Laura Seppälä

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