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September 26, 2018 | Liinamaa, Kimmo

Telkon vihreät muovit ja kierrätysmuovit

Kimmo Liinamaa was appointed as Development Manager for Telko Green Products in August. Here are some of Kimmo´  s thoughts about his new important role.


Responsibility and sustainable development are key factors in Telko´ s strategy. Development Manager, Green Products is a new position that supports the implementation of the strategy – and which I am glad to manage.


In practice ”Green Products” means biobased, biodegradable and recycled plastic raw materials. These products develop fast and new opportunities to use these products in customers´ products and processes appear constantly. In this new role I aim to help Telko´ s customers to find and use new biobased solutions.


Telko has already a good selection of green products. In the future our selection will grow and I am sure that together with our customers we can develop new solutions where biobased, biodegradable and recycled products and raw materials can create new business. 

Liinamaa, Kimmo

Liinamaa, Kimmo

Business Development Manager, Plastics. Kimmo holds a Master’s degree in industrial engineering. Packaging engineering has been in his focus since 2004, at Telko since 2012. Kimmo is especially interested in the fast development of raw materials and additives used in packaging industry. On his free time Kimmo does budo sports and during summer plays an occasional round of golf.