Terminals and Warehouses

Terminals guarantee efficient logistics

Warehouse network and capacity is inseparable part of our operations.

Each local Telko office is having sufficient amount of local stocks with the strict control of availability of products according to the customer demands. The warehousing system is build with the commitment to deliver goods stored regulary on local warehouse within 1-3 working days after receiving customer’s the order.

Warehouses for liquid goods have all the necessary capacities for receiving bulk loads, packing in drums or IBCs, and, in some regions, blending tailor-made products for customers’ specific needs.

You can find out more about local warehouses arrangements from local Telko websites.

Chemicals terminal in Rauma, Finland

The heart of our Nordic Chemicals unit is the terminal in Rauma, located on the west coast of Finland. It provides all facilities needed to store bulk chemicals, repack products, produce tailor-made blends.

The Rauma terminal has 55 tanks with a total capacity of 16,000 m 3, and connections by sea, railway, and road. The size of the tanks is between 30 and 2,200 m 3. The terminal is equipped with a modern drumming line with a capacity of 60 drums/hour. There are four storage buildings for packed goods in the Rauma terminal area.

There is available tank space for storage of chemicals in our Rauma terminal. If you are interested to outsource tanks, please, contact  reino.gronroos@telko.com