Telko values

Telko is a Finnish company operating internationally. The basis for our operations lies in our values; we believe in partnership, success by people, responsibility and continuous development.



The attitude and approach we foster enable our internationally located teams to collaborate efficiently to ensure our customers get


* right raw materials and products

* expert technical support in their use

* help in developing new concepts, products and processes


for high quality end results. We work together with suppliers and customers to find the right solutions for different kinds of production processes and technical challenges.



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Success by people


Our core value is success by people. We believe in our staff and we apply this value to all human resources activities. 


Telko's employees are highly educated professionals who are committed to their work and who take pride in providing their expertise to Telko's customers. We strive for success in all we do, with our customers, suppliers, our company and our personnel.



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Telko operates according to the Aspo Code of Conduct in all countries. We take responsibility for personnel, the environment and products, and in everything we do in our daily operations. Telko is a workplace of equal opportunities.



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We believe in continuous improvement of our performance. This comes as a result of developing our people, our processes and quality in everything we do in every field of business.