Telko is part of Aspo Plc, which is listed in OMX Nasdaq Stock Exchange. We have subsidiaries in 15 different countries.

Finnish Company with International Network


Telko is a Finnish company, which is 100 % owned by Aspo Plc, and it follows the Aspo Plc Code of Conduct. Aspo Plc is listed in OMX Nasdaq Stock Exchange. Other companies in Aspo group are ESL Shipping, Leipurin and Kauko.


The highest decision making authority is executed by Board of Directors in its monthly meetings. The board of directors consists of external members that support business management. In addition to this Telko has an operative Executive Board, where also the international organisation is represented.


Telko has subsidiaries in 15 countries, following the respective policies and legislation: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and China.


Telko’s CEO acts as a chairman of the board in most of the subsidiaries, and other executive board members as the members of the board.

Telko board of directors

Rolf Jansson

Rolf Jansson


Chief Executive Officer, Aspo Plc
Chairman of the Board since 2021

Ralf Holmlund

Ralf Holmlund


M.Sc. (Econ.)
Board professional
Member of the Board since 2018

Elina Piispanen

Elina Piispanen


Master of Business Administration
Chief Transformation Officer,
Sanoma Media Finland
Member of the Board since 2017



Mikko Pasanen

Chief Executive Officer


Jani Vahala

Chief Financial Officer

Petteri Martikainen

Petteri Martikainen

Vice President, Plastics

Niko Nilsen

Niko Nilsen

Vice President, Chemicals

Per Rosenberg

Per Rosenberg

Vice President, Lubricants


Liisa Lehtonen

Executive Assistant | PR & Communications

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