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Marika Voss is focused, brave and relaxed

December 19, 2016 | Kaisa Paavilainen

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Marika Voss is a 27 year old golf professional Telko is sponsoring since 2015. Marika told about her training methods and her way to success.

I reached Marika in Spain where she was preparing for a competition to be held in Morocco. ”I am here to train before the competition but unfortunately there have been the heaviest rains and floods for 27 years in Malaga and Fuengirola, so the golf courses are under water now.” Despite the challenging conditions Marika has been able to practice.

Marika started playing golf when she was 10 years old following her parents to the golf courses. ”Already as a child I knew that I wanted to do sports as a profession. First I played volleyball for 15 years reaching even the national team level, but then I chose golf. Now I am in a fortunate situation where my hobby is also my profession”, tells Marika.

Hard work and long hours but everything in balance

As also in Telko’s fields of business, success doesn’t come without professionalism and effort. “Golf is a very big part of my life, I train eight hours per day and spend half a year abroad. Normally almost everything I do is useful for golf; I go to the gym and I jog in my free time. I also like to cook and to spend time outdoors.

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Golf is a sport where you compete mostly against yourself. ”I like golf, because in it you are yourself responsible for everything. I have also learned to play using my strengths, you can’t be perfect in every aspect of golf.”

Marika has a strong work ethic but nevertheless one of her principles in life is “everything with moderation”. She remembers the importance of food, rest and training, the “holy trinity” as she calls it. “If one of those three isn’t in balance, it has a negative effect on the other two”, says Marika. “If you have the perseverance to work hard, you will surely be rewarded for it”, Marika says. Her goal is to play in the next Olympic Games.

Kaisa Paavilainen

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