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Organizational announcements in Telko Russia

November 18, 2015 | Laura Seppälä

In Telko Lubricants Russia has appointed  Mr. Ilya Shteba to Sales Manager Lubricants Russia. Ilya Shteba started in Telko at the end of October.

Ilya will be responsible as Sales Manager for Russia West Region and he is based in St Petersburg office.

Ilya has long experience in lubricants sales and excellent product knowledge. The last eight years he has been working for different distributors representing European lubricants brands. He will report to Per Rosenberg, Vice President of Telko Lubricants.

In order to keep and develop further business in automotive area in Plastics Russia, Maia Shioshvili is appointed as Automotive Team Leader from November 16, 2015.

Tatiana Sorokina, Dmitry Sergeev, Olga Poichenko are included in the team and will report directly to Maia.

Maia will also manage all automotive projects in Plastics Russia and coordinate all automotive cases together with Lubricants and Chemicals in one line.

Maia Shioshvili will keep reporting to Sales Director Plastics Russia, but there will be an interim change of Sales Director in Plastics Russia.

Svetlana Khovstikova, Sales Director of Plastics in Telko Russia, will be taking her maternity leave effective at the end of November 2015. In her absence, Juris Avotins, Managing Director of Telko Russia and Sales Director of Plastics in Kazakhstan and Belarus, will be assuming the responsibilities.

Please join us for wishing Ilya and Maia the best of luck with their new responsibilities and all the best to Svetlana in her private life for coming months and well deserved maternity leave. 

Laura Seppälä

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