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Telko Russia celebrated its 15 years long journey

July 9, 2015 | Laura Seppälä


OOO Telko’s first office was established in St. Petersburg 15 years ago. Timing for starting business was optimal because Russia had recovered from 1998 financial crisis and its economy was growing strongly. Business in Russia was started by three Finns, Jukka Erholtz, Kari Tiiri and Bo-Erik Nordberg.

At first the business was ran by only six people. The office was located in Parnas industrial area and was only two rooms big: the other was for sales personnel and another was for accounting.

Business in Russia started ascending and business operations have always been profitable. During the years Telko Russia has grown strongly: instead of one small office it now has several offices in different cities and over 80 employees. Telko Russia’s annual net sales have increased to the level of about EUR 50 million.

“In June Telko signed a letter of on the purchase of a land plot in the Greenstate business and logistics park located in the Leningrad region. It is an example of our long term commitment to do business in Russia” commented Telko’s Managing Director Kalle Kettunen.

On 26 th of June OOO Telko celebrated its 15 year anniversary in St. Mikhailovsky Castle in St. Petersburg. 190 guests attended to the party, both employees and company’s suppliers and customers. Before dinner there was a brief introduction to the castle and the history of Russian emperors. During the dinner the guests were entertained by eclectic performers from ballet dancers to an illusionist and a sand artist to violin players.

We thank all our employees, customers and suppliers whom we have cooperate with during past fifteen years and continue to move forward!

Laura Seppälä

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