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Telko's new partnership with Makro Chemical

February 6, 2017 | Emma Vuorio

Telko is pleased to announce that we have established a new partnership with Makro Chemical. Makro Chemical is the first manufacturer of laminating adhesives in Turkey. The company has a 45 % market share in its domestic area and it exports to 25 different countries. Lamination adhesives are used to combine multiple layers of films, foils and papers to meet performance requirements from general to medium and to high performance packaging.

Makro Chemical´s main product lines are: 

  • Polyurethane and water-based laminating adhesives for flexible packaging industry
  • Textile Chemicals
  • Polyurethane Raw Materials

We warmly welcome the addition to our offering!  For more information about lamination adhesives, please contact Telko local sales representatives. We look forward to speaking with You about the added value which this new partnership creates for Your business.


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Emma Vuorio

Emma Vuorio

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