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Telko Ltd and Delta Plast AB have agreed upon a new strategic cooperation in Finland

November 30, 2009 | Laura Seppälä

From now on Telko Oy will distribute and market the whole masterbatch range of A.Schulman.

Delta Plast AB, since 2007 the Nordic branch of A.Schulman, and Telko have already a cooperaation in the field of masterbatch for the injection moulding market. This have now been extend to the full masterbatch product range of A.Schulman already serving additional markets like film, fibers and blow moulding.

As of December 01, 2009, Denice Stenfors-Merikallio will start at Telko Oy as Product Manager masterbatch. Denice will bee reponsible for all A.Schulman and Delta Plast AB products sale and customer service in Finland.

Contact for orders: As of today, please address all orders of above mentioned product to telphone numbers: 09 521 7100, Fax: 09-521 7270 and e-mail:

Laura Seppälä

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